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May 15th

6:00pm - Virginia City High School Commons

To join the Boosters just show up to a meeting. We meet every Month at the Virginia City High School Commons area. 



1)  All individuals interested in supporting the objectives of this organization are eligible for membership.

2)  Voting privileges are extended to:

            a)  Individuals who have paid for Boosters Pass(es) and/or,

            b)  Individuals who have attended at least three consecutive meetings prior

                 to a vote, and/or

            c)  Individuals who have worked three or more times in the concession of

                 the current season. 

3)  The athletic director, coaches, and assistant coaches – while very welcome at  meetings, may not vote.

4)  Telephone or email votes are a last option and may be used only in

       emergencies, as deemed so by the President.

5)  Booster Passes, providing entrance to all Virginia City High School home

      athletic events that charge for entrance, are available for $25/one or $50/family.



1)  The VC Boosters shall meet on a monthly basis, or as otherwise specified

      to accommodate members’ schedules.

2)  The annual meeting shall occur in July.

3)  The President, or a majority of the Executive Board, may call a special meeting at any time, as needed.

4)  VC Boosters meetings are open to all interested persons, though voting

      is restricted to those outlined in Article V above.

5)  A simple majority of the Executive Board must be present to constitute a

     quorum and is required to hold a vote; a simple majority of the Executive

     Board and, if present, the paid membership, is needed to pass a motion.

6)  Meetings are conducted informally, loosely adhering to Robert’s Rules

      of Order.




            1)  Standing committees shall be formed each year at the July meeting.

                        a)  Chairpersons for each shall be appointed by the President, with

                             Executive Board concurrence, for a one-year term.

                        b)  Funds necessary for operations shall be determined at the same


            2)  Standing committees shall be, but are not limited to:

                        a)  Concession Committees

                        b)  Apparel Committee

                        c)  Special Activities Committee

            3)  The duties of each chairperson are as follows: 

                          Concessions, to include Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball,

                         Track and Baseball:

                                    a)  Purchase all supplies necessary for operation of the


                                    b)  Oversee the operation of the concession with volunteers at

                                         all applicable sports events, or appoint a designee;

                                    c)  Account for all monies received on a “Concession

                                        Accounting Sheet”.


                        a)  Purchase and manage sports apparel inventory;

                        b)  Oversee the operation of the apparel with volunteers at all

                             applicable sports events;

                        c)  Account for all monies received on the “Apparel Counting Sheet”.

                Special Activities:

                        a)  Coordinate and promote annual activities including, but not

                             limited to:

                                    1.  Meet the Team nights;

                                    2.  Program Rosters;

                                    3.  Various fundraisers;

                        b)  Account for any monies received;

                        c)  Keep the VC Boosters briefed on the status of the special activity


Sponsors are the live blood of the Virginia City Boosters!! We rely on sponsors to help our athletes become successful!

Please visit our sponsors!!

Reno Orthopedic Center (ROC)

Our new Girls Coach! Tyler and Kerry Clarke

V&T Rock 

Dayton Pizza Factory

Coons Construction 

Plumbers & Outfitters - Local 350

Gold Hill Hotel

The Pradere Family

The Markert Family 

The Kelley Family 

The Hess Family 

Hess Construction

VC Motorcycle Club

Jeep Posse

Moundhouse True Value- Russ and Pam Brandon

Café Del Rio

Divide Fitness

Ryan’s Rock and Hoe

Peas & Carrots Daycare

Basin Street Properties


Priscilla Pennyworths Old Time Photos

Stagecoach Storage

Bucket of Blood Saloon

Garters and Bloomers Old time Photos

Virginia City Jerky Company

Hugh Gallagher

Reno Rensport

Highlands Electric

Hames Family

Chandler Family

Thompson Family

Silver Queen

Miles Construction

Sugarloaf Motel

On The Side Graphics

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